Return to an optimal state of balance

Reconnective Healing


Removes emotional blocks / interference

Enhances mental processes

Helps the creative process

Assists those in recovery from drug / alcohol afflictions

Gives greater ability to manifest dreams

Reconnective Healing initiates a totally new spectrum of healing frequencies (vibrations), consisting of energy, light and information. The existence of these frequencies has clearly demonstrated itself in practice as well as in science laboratories. Scientists suggest that these frequencies are possibly here on the planet for the first time and that they carry the potential to help us eliminate disease on all levels, by affecting our cells and our DNA.


The body heals through frequency, resonance and vibration and this is communicated through light. When our health is down, our light is down. When a Reconnective Healing takes place, the energy body synchronizes with the new frequencies and it enables you to vibrate at your natural level of light and consciousness. It helps activate the natural forces of self-healing and restores balance in the body. This new balance allows for a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. For many this truly is a life-changing experience.


The clearly felt healing frequencies are initiated by a Reconnective Healing practitioner at the start of your session, and continue working with you long after your session has ended. Through your participation in these sessions, you will be forever changed, operating at, and attuned to, a higher frequency than ever before.

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Reconnective Healing is neither a therapy nor a treatment.

There is no diagnose as it does not focus on symptoms. It is something much, much more.

We simply interact with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies™, bringing about healings

that are often instantaneous and tend to be life long.


Connects you to the source of all healing

Enhances and accelerates your healing and evolution

Re-activates dormant strands of DNA

Heightens your perception, awareness and psychic abilities

Allows you to come back into balance

Instils confidence, self-worth, self-belief, clarity, focus

Removes trauma in a non-traumatic way

Although there are no guarantees of specific outcomes, some of the benefits may include:

DNA string
Reconnect… with your true essence, evolution and actual potential

what to expect

What happens during the session?

During your healing session you remain fully clothed, except for your shoes, lying comfortably down on your back on the massage table with your eyes closed.


Without touching, your practitioner enables an interaction between your own energy field and the Reconnective Healing frequencies.

This interaction between your energy, the practitioner’s energy and the healing frequencies initiates the healing.


Relax an allow whatever is about to happen. Just observe what you are experiencing. Be open to receive what the Universe has in mind for you without trying to control or put restrictions on what you are willing to receive. Often, our greatest healing comes in simply surrendering to a higher intelligence and receiving what we truly need. Not just what we think we need or what we want.


What will I feel?

Healings can come in all forms and can induce a wide variety of responses during the session. Most people experience small bodily movements, known as 'registers' which are simply a visible sign of connection to the healing frequencies.


The most common registers are rapid eye movements, a change in breathing pattern and often tummy rumbling. Some people feel energy moving through the body, tingling sensations or feelings of heat or coolness. And some simply feel a deep sense of relaxation.


Each person responds differently and the registers do not have to be present for healing to take place.


How many sessions will I need?

Everyone's experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. You will recognize your healing immediately, or some time later. Many healings are reported in just one session, and sometimes it takes a bit longer for the benefits of the healing to unfold.


Up to three sessions are recommended. It is not necessary to have regular sessions. The healing frequencies also keep working with you after your session has ended. You will continue to experience the benefits in many ways as your life path unfolds.


A healing session normally lasts about 30 minutes and you should allow time for a debrief before and after the session.

Reconnective Healing

Distance Healing

Animal Healing

Reconnective Healing sessions can take place in the comfort of your own (holiday) home or retreat as I work on location. As long as we are able to create a quiet and serene environment and we can not be disturbed.


Dress comfortably; wearing layers may be pleasant. Since you might smell unidentified scents in the room, it is better to avoid using perfume or scented products.


The healing session takes 30 minutes on the table and about 30 minutes to talk before and afterwards.




any location on the island

30 minutes

€ 75,-

Reconnective Healing
Distant Healing

Distance Healing is the same healing you receive from the in-person session. Because the Reconnective Healing frequencies are light and information, distance does not matter, nor does it reduce any effects.


Make sure you are in a quiet environment and that you can not be disturbed. Get into a comfortable position, with your eyes closed. Allow for the healing to proceed.

The healing session takes 20 minutes and afterwards we can evaluate by phone, email or Skype.




any location worldwide

30 minutes

€ 50,-

Animal Healing

Reconnective Healing is a joy to bring to animals. They are “in the moment” and have no judgement on what is being offered to them. They can react deeply to the healing frequencies bringing about profound healings on every level. Reconnective Healing has been demonstrated to increase performance in race horses - the possibilities are unlimited!

Distance healing also works well with animals and in some cases is preferred, especially if your animal is injured, aggressive or caged.




any location on the island

20 minutes

€ 50,-

"If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate..."

about me


My name is Mariska de Heus, my roots lie in The Netherlands. After almost 20 years of working in an office environment, I wanted to escape the rat race and find more fulfilment and happiness.

In 2013 I followed my heart and I moved to Ibiza with my boyfriend and my cat to start a new life.


The Reconnection

While enjoying life on this beautiful, sunny and energetic island, I found out about The Reconnection. Immediately drawn to it, I wanted to experience a Reconnective Healing session. After that session I decided to go for a Personal Reconnection as well.


I received The Reconnection in August 2014 and it has been a magnificent experience to me.

After The Reconnection sessions I was filled with gratitude and joy. A few months later I realized that I had gained more self-confidence. I had become more focused than before and I fully relied on my intuition without having any doubts or worries. I knew instantly:

‘this is what I want to pass on to others, I cannot keep this from the rest of the world’.


So, in March 2015, I went to The Reconnection seminar in the Netherlands, hosted by Dr. Eric Pearl and his teaching team, where I learned to practice Reconnective Healing.

Since I have had no experience in practicing healing in any way before, it amazed me how easy to access and yet how extremely strong and effective the Reconnective Healing frequencies are.

Es Vedra, Ibiza
Otje at Ibiza
sunset Ibiza

Healing for everyone

My 'mission' is to share this powerful form of healing with as many adults, children and animals as I possibly can. By trying to approach it in a down-to-earth way I aim to reach even the most sceptic individuals.


I would like people to know that there is nothing 'woolly' or 'mystical' about this form of healing. You don’t have to be spiritual or religious to experience it.

Everyone can feel the healing frequencies because it simply is available to every living creature on our planet. It is all around us!

Just give it a try and feel it. You might be amazed about the outcome...


I look forward to meeting you some day on Ibiza!


Love & Happiness,


Mariska de Heus
Reconnective Healing Ibiza
"If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of - one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you." - Eric Pearl


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Mariska de Heus

Reconnective Healing®

Foundational Practitioner


Cala Tarida, Ibiza, Spain

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